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HIA baggage system handles 19.1mn luggage pieces in fiscal 2016

HIA baggage system handles 19.1mn luggage pieces in fiscal 2016







aTP-  Arab tourism portal News – Hamad International Airport’s baggage system serviced some 19,119,718 pieces of luggage during fiscal 2016, with a mishandling rate of less than 1%.According to Qatar Airways Group, this is “one of the best, if not the best, baggage handling performance of any global airline.


”As an airport with, on average, 70% connecting traffic, it was paramount that the baggage system work seamlessly and perfectly, every time, the airline said in its annualreport.


The airline’s on-time departure performance (the measure of flights departing within 15 minutes of scheduled time) was 90.5% over the course of fiscal 2016, one of the best reported performances of any airline, anywhere in the world.“This is a hub operation that is focused on operational efficiency,” Qatar Airways said in its annual report.


The airline’s home and hub, Hamad International Airport, is one of the “most technologically advanced airports” in the world, and is purpose-built for its business model.In calendar year 2015, 30.9mn passengers were served at HIA.


 Less than two years after opening, the airport is running at full capacity. In fiscal 2016, concourses D and E were opened for operations.


HIA’s plans for the future include expanding the terminal in its Phase III project, which will allow it to serve up to 50mn passengers annually.





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