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‎Statement from The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism

‎Statement from The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism


Almasalla Travel News – Ashraf El gedawy – The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism is proud to proclaim a new era for Egyptian tourism following the revolution of June 30 2013


Every tourist visiting Egypt presently is a most welcomed guest, whose security is safeguarded by the Egyptian people and by the authorities, and all must be assured of their safety and ability to complete their planned visits without disruption. Their families and friends at home should be equally reassured.


Tourists booked to visit Egypt this summer are equally reassured that there is no impediment to their visit. They will come to enjoy Egypt as millions of tourists have done for years and years, in safety and security, welcomed by their friendly and hospitable Egyptian hosts.


Tourism in Egypt is expected to boom as of next fall as the country settles down to its newfound democracy which will bring peace and prosperity to this great country and its united people.
Welcome to Egypt  !

Spokesperson and Media Advisor

Rasha Azaizi


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