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 Launch of the e-tourism lottery platform to support the marketing of Seychelles Dream Islands tourism

 Launch of the e-tourism lottery platform to support the marketing of Seychelles Dream Islands tourism








By : Ashraf El Gedawy





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Victoria – Mahe (Seychelles) – Almasalla.travel – In conjunction with the celebration of World Tourism Day, Seychelles Tourism on Friday launched a new website to support and revitalize tourism in the islands of tropical dreams through the first electronic tourist lottery to select 15 winners from different countries through this platform Interactive prizes.


15 prizes of luxury tourist tours are offered, according to the schedule, three lottery draws per year… In January, May and September, coinciding with the World Tourism Day commemorations.




MAZ Millions


A first.

The new and unique idea for the first time in the context of revitalizing and attracting tourist movement to a destination described by international tourism writers, bloggers in the tourism and travel sector, and leading international tourism experts as a “spot of the Almighty God in the earth”… and a dream for international novelists, and newly married couples wishing to enjoy the experiences exceptional and dreamy for honeymoon days .. Created by businesswoman from Seychelles Marie-France McGregor, and her brother Alain Laporte, a businessman in the tourism sector who worked to implement the new lottery on the ground despite the size of the challenges and obstacles and frustration which came with the implementation of the first tourist lottery at the level of countries in the tourism world.


Tourism Lottery

On Friday, on World Tourism Day, Victoria-based MAZ Millions announced a major ceremony in which Seychelles, international and local tourism experts, public and diplomatic figures, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board Sherin Francis and the island’s former Minister of Tourism Alain St.Ange who is also the sitting President of the African Tourism Board and a number of leading international tourism writers have announced that “Marie France Macgregor, the President of the Seychelles Tourism Lottery Company, had the launch of the website of the Tourism Lottery and the launching of this high-tech platform and receiving the requests of those wishing to purchase. “Tourist Lottery Tickets” from all over the world via the Internet.


a major ceremony


Secure electronic system

The Seychelles tourist lottery system has high-level technical systems and applications that are easy to enable anyone wishing to purchase any number of tickets to enter the lottery draws by various international and international credit cards, and the platform that was activated supported by the highest protection systems to guatantee a degree of safety through the latest cyber protection mechanisms.


honeymoon days



New markets

The president of MAZ Millions confirmed that ‘our goal, which we are working together for the launch of the platform selling tickets for the Seychelles tourism lottery is to create a new marketing tool to revitalize the islands of dreams and high-end tourism for Seychelles, our country we love, and for which we work around the clock to raise the profile of our Seychelles and in so doing increase its share of international tourism.



Marie France & Alain Laporte



We also opened new markets to promote tourism in Seychelles, in cooperation with the Seychelles Tourism Board which has been keen to support us morally and has facilitated our work for the success of the idea and realization on the ground. This is something that we value and appreciate. We note the presence of the former Minister of Tourism and of Sherin Francis here tonight’.



2 round-trip first class tickets



Dreams come true

“We want to make dreams a reality for the thousands of people from all over the world and the target tourist markets who dream of visiting the Seychelles, especially the winners of the Tourism Lottery,” said Marie-France MacGregor.


The main prize includes 2 round-trip first class tickets to Seychelles, VIP meet and greet on arrival and departure, special fast track arrangements, limousine transfer the top hotels and resorts imclusive of Four Seasons, Raffles Resort on Praslin, Le Domaine De L’ Orangerie on La Digue transfers to Bird Island, Silhouette Island, North Island and more.



Sherin Francis




Support the idea

Sherin Francis, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, said that when she was presented the wonderful idea of ​​the Seychelles Tourism Lottery through an online platform, she immediately agreed and provided all support to its promoters. We are also ready to help MAZ Millions for the success of the marketing project.



Minister Alain St.Ange




Innovative marketing

The island’s former Minister Alain St.Ange stressed the importance of finding new and innovative ways to promote tourism in the Seychelles in particular, and the various international tourist destinations in general. He congratulated and thanked Ms. MacGregor and her brother, Mr Laporte for their efforts and hard work in launching the tourist lottery in Seychelles.



Daniel, chief marketing officer of MAZ Millions




Lottery sports experience

Daniel, chief marketing officer of MAZ Millions, revealed the launch of another ‘lottery millions’ prize offered by the leading company in the Seychelles Islands at the same time is ‘lottery sports experience’, where lucky people will get two tickets for a tourist program Luxury 5-star accommodation including accommodation and first class travel costs for the 2020 Champions League final in Istanbul, Turkey on May 30, 2020. Other awards include full-board packages for the top and final football matches in the England, Germany and Spain leagues.


It is worth mentioning that the tourist lottery tickets in Seychelles, as well as lottery sports experience are available for purchase online at www.mazmillions.com and in some travel agencies and tourism in the major international markets exporting tourist traffic around the world, also will be available tickets in the outlets of tourism trips and small air tickets Selected “Retail Stores” worldwide for $ 100 per ticket.









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