A study for turning Taba and Nuweibaa into Private Investment region

Minister of Tourism Zuhair Garrana assigned the Egyptian Federation for Tourism Chambers the task of conducting a study on the marketing strategy of Taba and Nuweibaa districts. Accordingly, the Federation designated Dr. Samir Mekawy Federation Advisor for Economic Affairs to conduct this important study.

Dr. Mekawy previously conducted an economic study in 2005 upon request of the Federation and it was presented to the Technical Secretariat of the Board of Trustees of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones under chairmanship of Minister of Investment Mahmoud Mohieddin who was interested in that study.

In the light of the above a meeting took place at the Egyptian Federation for Tourism Chambers under chairmanship of Federation Board President Ahmed El-Nahas and comprised Board Member and Chairman of the Training Committee and Studies Alaa Hafez, Federation Director Ayman El-Taranisy, Dr. Samir Mekawy, and Executive Advisor to Chairman Ahmed Yusry for discussing special details and important points that the study would be based on.

These efforts are exerted for upgrading this important region as regards of the tourism and economic aspects and turning it into private economic or investment region, as it is expected to have important reward on the tourism activity and tourism movement.

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