An English mission discovers the mummy of the Great Priest of God Amoun at Kings Valley, Luxor

Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawas declared that the English “Cambridge” university mission that is operating at the Western Bank of Luxor discovered a rare mummy for the person called “Senfry” titled the Great Priest of God Amoun who dates back to the era of “18th” Pharaonic Dynasty around 3000 years ago inside tomb No.99 in the Kings Valley.

On his part Archeologist Mansour Breik Director of Upper Egypt antiquities added that the mission also found a mummy for a lady, that was covered with gypsum until face and lower jaw, which make it a unique mummy of its kind as being fully covered with gypsum, not only face as it was followed previously.

He pointed out that study of these discovered mummies and human structures revealed that owners were suffering from a number of diseases, foremost of which arthritis and infection of spine, while one of them showed that the person had a malignant tumor in brain and teeth.

A detailed report of the discovery was prepared to be presented to the Minister of Culture Farouq Hosny for allocating the necessary financial sums for completion of diggings and restoration of the discovered pieces in preparation for the region for tourism visit.

He explained that the mission discovered many remains and human bones inside the tomb including a structure for incomplete child in growth, may be a result of an abortion operation, as ends of thigh bones were not joined.

Also remains of two children whose ages were ranging between 5 and 15 years at time of death were found in addition to structures of 5 adult persons who were three females and two males.

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