Confirming that Muscat tourism had no impact by Gonu Storm

The Omani Minister of Tourism Dr. Rajha bint Abdul Amir confirmed that tourism sector in the Sultanate of Oman is in a fine shape and that few utilities of the tourism establishments were the affected place from Gonu Storm that hit the country last week.

The Omani Minister in her statement early today said that hotels and tourism installations were operative all days of the storm and were providing services as it should be.

She added that such a practice reflected a good impression for tourists who felt comfortable that the country is capable of dealing with this type of crises with solid and strong will under directives and follow up from the government.

She pointed out that all constructive works in various tourism projects are proceeding in good way and they performed works in a satisfactorily manner. She stressed that investors are going ahead in executing their planned tourism projects during the forthcoming period of time.

She said that such action indicates the strength hat Omani economy is enjoying and its capacity of dealing with this type of crises.
The Omani Tourism Minister added that what the Sultanate had passed through and the impact over some infra-structure is urging us to rethink in the future in reformulating accounts and plans within the forthcoming stage as regards of some future tourism projects.

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