Dubai Aviation Industries sign cooperation agreement with Beoeing

Dubai Aviation Industries, the International Company for Aviation Industries and Services, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Boeing company in a step aims at consolidating horizons of strategic cooperation between the two companies.

The memorandum stipulated on assessment from both companies for benefits of establishing strategic cooperation relations on the long range that would contribute in reinforcing their joint expertise and potentialities in the sectors of aircrafts services, education of customers, finance and maintenance, repair and inspection.

The Executive President of Dubai Aviation Industries Bon Johnson said that this important agreement with Boeing confirms the status that Dubai Aviation Industries is occupying today as an influencing emerging force in the world aviation sector. He expressed his confidence that the relation between the two companies would have positive results for both parties, as it would avail a chance for larger concentration on joint activities and business.

He added that Dubai Aviation Industries succeeded in furthering its presence on the international arena. No doubt that cooperation with Boeing one of the leading world companies in manufacturing sector of aircrafts would contribute in enhancing and expanding such a presence, especially as it is viewing in Boeing an ideal partner for Dubai Aviation Industries.

On his part Chairman and Executive President of Commercial Aircrafts Section at Boeing Scot Carson said that the agreement is reflecting extent of commitment of Boeing in consolidating cooperation with aviation companies in the Middle East region at the aim of establishing a framework for building cooperation relations and well established partnerships.

He expressed his ambition to work with Dubai Aviation Industries to explore fields of joint cooperation that would contribute in supporting aviation industry sector in the region.
The agreement that was signed yesterday stipulated on formation of joint follow up committee between Dubai Aviation Industries and Boeing for discussion of a number of projects that would further best strategic cooperation relations between them.

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