Egypt Tourism confirm solidarity with Lebanon in present crisis

Minister of Tourism Zuhair Garrana expressed his sorrow for not convening the Tourism Security and Safety Conference in Beirut as it was scheduled due to the bad circumstances that Lebanon is passing through at the present time. He confirmed that government and people of Egypt are expressing solidarity with the Lebanese people in the crisis that they are passing through currently, which turned organization of the conference into Egypt instead of Lebanon.

In his speech in the closing session of Tourism Security and Safety conference that was held in Cairo along two days he said that he reviewed the reports that were discussed in the various sessions of the conference, that all were important and fruitful for Tourism Industry.
He pointed out that he wished to take part in all sessions of the conference for importance of topics.

He added that key topics were those concerning dealing with crises, as agreement during sessions was consolidated on importance of laying down pre-plans for dealing with crises, especially as crises became now a reality that Tourism sector is living within and so it should be ready for them.

He explained that he believes that World Tourism Organization should issue a statement in which it would clarify responsibilities and roles that should be claimed during crises. He further elaborated that airports are shouldering more responsibilities in dealing with tourists and play a pivotal role in crises management.

The regional Representative for the Middle East in WTO Amro Abdul Ghaffar praised the participation of the Minister of Tourism in the conference and the facilities provided by the Egyptian government for convocation of the conference.
The conference highlighted the importance of ensuring the air safety, speedy utilization of modern technology in various airports and various means of transportation without negative effect on tourist, which requires specific handling from the security officials to maintain security and dealing with tourist without annoyance at the same time.

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