Elevation of Tunisian tourism revenues at a rate of 9.6% during the first half of present year

Tunisian official data showed that tourism revenues in Tunisia elevated 9.62% to 1207 Billion Tunisian Dinars (933 Million Dollars) during the first half of this year compared with same period of last year.
Tourism is the main source for foreign currency in Tunisia and it represents the largest sector as for labour following agriculture.
Tourism revenues elevated to 2.8 Billion Tunisian Dinars last year from 2.56 Billion Dinars in the year before. Tourists peaked to 6.5 Million which is the largest number since the state began modernizing tourism 46 years ago.
The government is expecting revenues surpassing three Billion Dinars for year 2007 entirely with an elevation amount around 8.6% over last year.

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