Great Young Minds to Converge at 2nd Annual

Bright young students from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be joining their peers from around the world to exchange ideas and represent the next generation of Saudi leaders at the 2nd Annual Asia Pacific Young Leader Summit.

Taking place between July 18-27th, this annual educational initiative will bring together a group of 80 talented young leaders from 21 schools across eight countries including, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, UK, and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia will be well represented by a delegation of students from the Kingdom Schools and Dar Al-Fikr Girls’ School.

Hosted and initiated by the Hwa Chong Institution, one of Singapore’s leading educational institutions, the forum will provide KSA youth with the unique opportunity to network with some of the world’s finest young talent and represent the strong young minds developing in the Kingdom.

Focusing on areas of mutual interest, the enriching two week gathering will allow participants to discuss critical educational issues that affect youth all over the world and provide a platform for future leaders to connect and brainstorm with like-minded individuals.

A variety of sessions and cultural exchange activities are also planned to expose students to global issues and engage in social and political dialogue, including hot topics such as terrorism, safety and security. Students will also get a chance to meet key government and corporate leaders and take part in a host of outdoor nature activities.

The aim of the summit is to lead these bright students to common goals, develop their cultural awareness and help them shape a better future, as many of them are destined to become the leaders of tomorrow.

“With its unique, multi-ethnic society, Singapore is a great place for people of all cultural backgrounds to exchange ideas and knowledge,” said Ke-Wei Peh, Area Director, Middle East and Africa, Singapore Tourism Board. “Singapore will surely provide these talented young students with the experience of a lifetime,” he added.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signed a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) last year with Singapore that encourages bilateral cooperation and reaffirms the kingdom’s commitment to develop strong economic, cultural and educational ties with the island nation. Saudi Arabia is already Singapore’s largest trading partner in the Middle East.

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