Hawas: No Evidences that mummy in the Egyptian museum is for Queen Htshepsut

Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawas confirmed that there is no clear cut scientific evidence until now on validity of the claim of finding mummy of the Pharaonic Queen Hatshepsut at the Egyptian Museum , that it is believed to be the nanny of the queen.

Dr. Hawas, in statements today, said that he presided over a team of scholars and archeologists and Professors of Egyptian Universities for carrying out studies, researches and analyses necessary for verifying nature of this mummy and knowing if it was a royal mummy or as it is well known that it is the mummy of nanny of the queen or she is Queen Htshepsut herself, which is the matter that was not clinched up yet.

He pointed out that the team work is currently keen on completing these studies and researches. It is scheduled that the abruptly results should appear within one and half months from now. At that time an international press conference will be held for declaring the outcomes of the team work of scholars, scientists, researchers and archeologists as regards of reality of that mummy.

It should be noted that famous queen Hatshepsut passed away in year 1455 B.C. “35 centuries ago”. She was one of six queens who ruled Egypt along its ancient history that is extended over thirty centuries. Yet, she was distinguished from them all of being the most powerful and most famous and that she ruled Egypt in one of the most flourishing periods of history. She was number 5 among kings of the 18th Dynasty that is regarded as the Golden age of ancient Egypt and that comprises the most glorious and famous kings along history.

Following the death of King Tohotmos First his son King Tohotmos Second ruled Egypt and he was compelled to support his right in the throne through marrying his sister Hatshepsut the daughter of the main wife of the late monarch Tohotmos Frist. But Hatshepsut did not give birth except for a female child namely “Nephro Ra”, and assumed the throne instead of Tohotmos the Third who was still a young child and she declared herself a”king” and she used the male titles and shapes.

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