International Conference for e-Tourism and e-Marketing slated for December


The Electronic Union of Travel Industry (EUOTI), together with The Arab Tourism Organization (ATO) and the Co-operation of International Federation of Information Technology and Travel and Tourism (IFITT) under the supervision of the Arab League Organization and the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, will hold the International Arab Conference for e-Tourism and e-Marketing on December 5-19, 2008 at the Continental Reef Garden Resort in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

The importance of the conference: E-tourism includes a group of travel and tourism services related to e-commerce and the Internet.
E-tourism represents the biggest section in the e-commerce pie.

The aim of the conference is to endorse the strategy to develop the information and communication techniques required by the main interacting poles in the e-travel system.
Conference participants will learn to perform major roles in the new hierarchy of the international tourism sector through cooperation between the government and the private sector via the following phases:

• Make required changes in the infrastructure and distribution of the travel products
• Strengthen the bonds between providers and tourists through updated systems that promote travel products

• Develop and maintain supportive systems that aid tourists with making good travel choices
• A successful marketing program is one that provides continuous contact between the e-tourism industry and consumers, which requires a comprehensive marketing plan, as well as efforts rendered through travel companies and hotels on an individual basis

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