Iran threatens of stopping Omra trips to the Holy Lands because of unsuitable treatment

Chairman of Hajj and Visit Organization at the Islamic Republic of Iran Mostafa Khaksar Qahrody said that if the unsuitable treatment with Iranian pilgrims from the part of extremist elements in Saudi Arabia they would stop Omra visits.

Khaksar Qarhody added that Saudi Authorities are well aware of the source of such harmful and bad acts against beliefs of Shiites and they have to control such acts.

He referred to some measures taken by the Saudi Officials in that context. He said that carrying out a beloved action (Omra visit) should not entail receiving insults and we have to protect ourselves in front of the disgusting plots of enemies.

He pointed out that Saudi officials have achieved success in containing such bad acts. He added that if such acts would continue the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would shoulder most of the damages.

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