Lufthansa and Egypt Air sign symbol partnership contract

CEO and Executive President of Lufthansa Gang Hoper and Chairman of Egypt Air Engineer Akef Abdul Hamid signed symbol partnership agreement contract between the two companies.
Lufthansa will commence its cooperation with Egypt Air as from the winter schedule of flights by the end of this year, when both companies will operate all flights between Germany and Egypt with joint figures.

It is scheduled that the implementation of symbol partnership agreement will be on flights that connect between Frankfort and Munich and Cairo and the flights connecting Frankfort and Alexandria.

Egypt Air is planning to transfer figures of flights to those of Lufthansa inside Germany, Europe and North America. Egypt is regarded one of the key markets for Lufthansa in the African continent, as it offers its passengers 17 weekly flights between Egypt and Germany, 4 of which connects Cairo and Frankfort and 3 between Alexandria and Frankfort.
During the signing ceremony the Executive President of Lufthansa Mayer Hoper said that Egypt Air is an ideal partner for the German Airlines.

He asserted that Lufthansa through the agreement will be able to take its position and for a long time in one of the most active markets in North Africa. Moreover, Lufthansa with this step is preparing the network of its routes to be at disposal of its passengers.

Chairman of Egypt Air Engineer Akef Abdul Hamid expressed his pleasure and he welcomed the cooperation with Lufthansa as being a pioneering partner that operates quite a good number of flights within the German market.

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