Minister of Culture inspects site of the new Egyptian Museum. Second stage costs L.E. 100 Million

Minister of Culture Farouq Hosny decided paying the first field visit to the new site of the Grand Egyptian Museum on Monday 16th of July to witness what was accomplished of the project to be the largest monuments museum in the world by the year 2011.

It is scheduled that the Minister of Culture would start his visit to the site of the museum by inspecting the monuments restoration center, warehouses and electric power station, which are the buildings that are annexed to the Grand Museum and totaled in construction costs L.E. 300 Million, which winds up the first stage and a large part of the 2nd stage that totals L.E. 100 Million in costs, when it is completed the 3rd stage commences for the construction of the main building.

The Ministry of Culture decided offering the third and last stage of the project in an international tender for the specialized companies earlier next year for constructing the main building of the museum, museum display halls and the coordination of the general site.

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