Organizing an exhibition for Pharaonic monuments at Wasida University Museum at a Japanese city

The Supreme Council for Antiquities will organize an exhibition for the Egyptian monuments at Wasida University museum at the Japanese city of ShingoKwa on 31st of present month of July until 9th of September.

The Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawas confirmed today that this is the 6th tour of the Egyptian monuments in the Japanese cities that was began in the middle of last July and would continue until mid next year 2008.

This exhibition is considered the first of its kind in Japan following an absence of 15 years. The collection includes the monumental discoveries of Wasida Japanese university that it was excavating for more than 40 years and it would be insured by the Japanese government with a sum of 25 million dollars against acts of terrorism, sequestration, theft and confiscation and all types of loss and damage over all pieces of antiquities involved.

The exhibition comprises 317 pieces date back to various historical eras. The exhibition is accompanied by a restoration and antiquities experts for guaranteeing the safety of pieces and providing necessary restoration in case of urgent need.

According to the schedule the exhibition will roam a number of Japanese cities and would continue there until 2008.Egypt will obtain a financial revenue of one Million Egyptian Pounds to be paid on two installments. The first was after signing the contract which took place while the second will be paid during the current month of July.An in kind return will be added to this reward, represented in an X ray analysis and Laser equipment to be presented to the Egyptian Museum provided that the Supreme Council for Antiquities would incur the Sales Tax on the gifted equipment. Furthermore, Japan will present four Training scholarships for employees at the Supreme Council for Antiquities.

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