Petra of Jordan leads new 7 world wonders, while Giza Pyramids out of competition

The organizing committee declared that Jordanian city Petra, China great fence, Taj Mahal in India are among the seven new wonders. The announcement took place on Saturday evening at La Lose stadium in Lisbon, as a result of voting of around 100 Million people.

Rome Coliseum, Christ statue in Rio De Janeiro, Macho Pishu monuments of Anka tribes in Peru and old Maya city in Mexico are included within the list.

The celebration organizers declared that Giza Pyramids are forming the only wonder that is still in existence until today “out of competition” as it is of World Wonders with degree of Honour.
Chairman of Honour Committee of the event the Portugese Diogo Fritas Du Amaral said “This is the first time in history that world citizens are taking part in voting and decide the Seven Wonders of the World that cope with beginning of the 3rd Millennium.

The celebration was inaugurated on a giant golden book that displayed the 7 wonders of the world along past eras, then it was replaced with a giant computer symbolizes the participation of millions of people from all over the world in voting.
Prior to the announcement of results of contest the audience who exceeded than 40000 persons witnessed the concert of the American singer Jennifer Lopez who presented her greatest hits.

The contest that UNESCO denied participation in it was launched by the Swiss Director Bernard Fiber. The Greek ancient Philosopher and Poet “Filon” was the first to write down a list of world wonders two thousand years ago.

On his part the Secretary General of Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and Archeology Farouq El-Hadidy confirmed that placing “Petra” city in the second place of the new seven wonders of the world will have a positive reflection on tourism and economy in the kingdom.

He added that Petra will be a tourist destination for a large number of tourists who visit Jordan and its tourist regions and enjoy services provided to them, which would be reflected on the national economy through increase of the tourism income.

The Jordanians celebrated until early hours of the day with this result, while the official Jordanian television transmitted a celebration from the site of Petra, and the Rosy city and Amman skies were covered with fireworks in celebration of this event.

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