Singapore Celebrates National Day in Style

The Singaporean community in the UAE will be celebrating the island-nation’s National Day today, as August 9th marks the 42nd anniversary of Singapore’s independence.
With over 800 Singaporeans and 200 Singapore companies registered in the UAE, Singapore’s growing local presence is underpinned by the close bi-lateral relations formed between the two nations over the past decade.
Fuelled by growing economic, trade and cultural ties, the UAE has become Singapore’s second largest trade partner in the Middle East, with two-way trade reaching over $US7.5 billion in 2006 alone.

“National Day is a time to reflect on our roots and heritage and celebrate our outstanding achievements. Every Singaporean is an international ambassador and we are proud to represent such a flourishing nation here in the UAE,” said Mr. Dileep Nair, Consul General of Singapore in Dubai.
Reflecting the ongoing growth of ties with the UAE, Singapore has emerged as a popular holiday destinations for residents and UAE nationals. The UAE is the largest tourism market for Singapore in the Middle East, as a growing number of travellers discover the splendour of Singapore and form a connection to the destination for its unique, family-oriented tourism offering.
Singapore is marking the occasion with a special National Day Parade, taking place for the first time in its Marina Bay district. Over125, 000 onlookers will be on hand to watch the spectacle, which will be broadcast live throughout the island-nation.
Looking back on its humble roots as a small fishing village, Singapore is now firmly placed on the global map, boasting one the biggest ports in the world and vibrant tourism, education, manufacturing and medical industries.

Singapore and the UAE have developed strong relations, driven by several MoU’s (Memorandum of Understanding) signed in recent years that promote closer economic and political collaboration, as well as regular visits between political leaders.

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