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Seychelles-China Day Celebrations program revealed

Seychelles-China Day Celebrations program revealed


Almasalla Arab Travel Portal News – The first Seychelles-China Day Celebrations program was officially announced at a press conference called jointly by Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, Ambassador Shi Zhongjun, the Chinese Ambassador in Seychelles and the Chairman of Chinese Association, Mr Charlie Ng Ping Chuen. The press conference was held at the Offices of Minister St.Ange, at the National Conference Centre in Victoria.


It is now confirmed that the official opening of the first Seychelles-China Day will take place on the 31st January will start with a traditional lunch at Chinese Pagoda at Benezet Street in Victoria. The 31st January is also China New Year and Seychelles has announced that it will from this year mark this important day of the Chinese calendar. The celebrations will culminate with a photo exhibition at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Hotel & Casino from 17h30. This photo exhibition will mark the important part played by the old Chinese business community of Seychelles 


This photo exhibition will pave the way for a spectacular official opening ceremony at 18h00 of the first Seychelles-China Day Celebrations. More than 350 guests will share the joy of China’s Spring New Year. An impressive show of the traditional lion dance performance and musical instrument performance by art troupe of Shanghai City will take place at Berjaya Beau Vallon Hotel & Casino. The gala evening will close with a raffle draw.



For this first edition of Seychelles-China Day Celebrations two artistic groups have been flown in to give an added authentic flavour to the event. The Shanghai Jinshan Art Group and the Liaoning Provincial Art Troupe are both known high level performing groups and they will give an impressive performance during these first Seychelles-China Day Celebrations. The Shanghai Jinshan Art Group will perform for the official opening ceremony whereas the public should be on the lookout for Liaoning Provincial Art Troupe free performance at International Conference Centre (ICCS) at Victoria.


The second day of Seychelles-China Day Celebrations on 1st February will be marked by an important event for the Seychellois Chinese community. There will be the laying of foundation stone for a new Chinese Pagoda at 19h00. The Chinese Pagoda contributed much to preserve and maintain Chinese tradition in Seychelles. The foundation stone will be laid in the grounds of the existing Pagoda at Benezet street in Victoria jointly by the chairman of Chinese Association and by the Chinese Ambassador at 10.05. Stalls featuring the finest in Chinese food and other Chinese goods will align Benezet Street as of 11 am. Whereas Chinese movies will be screened at 19h00 at Pagoda building.


The Seychelles-China Day Celebrations will close down on 2nd February with an open air artistic show by the Liaoning Art Troupe.


At the Press conference to unveil the event the Chairman of Chinese Association, Mr Charlie Ng Ping Chuen, said that the Seychelles-China Day Celebrations will showcase key elements of Chinese culture. “We’re now fine tuning details for official opening. This first edition will give all Seychellois and its Chinese community a chance to appreciate Chinese culture” Mr Charlie Ng Ping Chuen said.


The Minister of Tourism and Culture, Mr St.Ange on his part said that this first edition of Seychelles-China Day Celebrations will be a challenge.
“Today is an important day for Ministry of Tourism and Culture. It is important because we’ve now attained our objective of marking through a celebration in one way or another the five branches of our historical ties. The Seychelles-China Day Celebrations is set to become a key event in our national calendar of events. The first edition will be the chance for the Ministry to evaluate its content and to see how we can grow it for the second edition” said the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Mr Alain St.Ange.


He added that he was thankful to the Chinese Government for the support with the two artistic groups of a delegation of over forty members who have been flown in to participate in the Seychelles-China Day Celebrations. “The Chinese Embassy invested immensely to bring to Seychelles Liaoning Provincial Art Group and Shanghai Jinshan Art Group allthen way from China. It is a clear indication of the Embassy’s commitment to play their part with this event,” Minister St.Ange said.


H.E. Mr Shi Zhongjun, the Chinese Ambassador in Seychelles explained that the role and commitment of Seychelles Chinese community is crucial in this event. “The Seychelles Chinese community is playing a leading role in this first Seychelles-China Day Celebrations. This event, and their work in Seychelles today and in the past is also contributing to the country’s economy. We need to pay tribute to their contributions.


The Seychelles-China Day Celebrations is the right platform to recognise their continued efforts”. The Chinese Ambassador and the Chairman of the Seychelles Chinese Association thanked Minister Alain St.Ange and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture for initiating the idea of this celebration and for working to make it happen.


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