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Protests are ongoing in Bangkok and in various provinces.

  Protests are ongoing in Bangkok and in various provinces


Almasalla Arab Travel Portal News – BANGKOK, Thailand – Protests are ongoing in Bangkok and in various provinces.


In Bangkok, some protestors managed to open the gate of the compound of the Army Headquarters and have gathered themselves inside the HQ. They currently do not occupy any other government buildings within the same compound.
Some other anti-government protesters marched to the Headquarters of the Pheu Thai Party of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, where they were stopped by the police. Another group went to the US Embassy. So far, all protests in Bangkok were peaceful and without any physical clashes or violence.
Meanwhile in the provincial hall of Samut Prakan and outside the provincial hall of Nakhon Pathom, confrontations were reported to have occured between the anti-government protestors and the "Red Shirts" (supporters of the current government); again, no injuries were reported.
As all the above rallies do not affect the sightseeing for tourists, all tours continue as usual.

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