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Tel Aviv Carnival 2016: Purim Festivities Take Over the Streets of Tel Aviv







aTP-  Arab tourism portal- As the world celebrates in street carnivals, Tel Aviv is preparing for its own Purim festivities. Tel Aviv has a tradition of street parties, and this year’s Purim Carnival will host thousands of party-goers in a big costume celebration under the sky, featuring music from leading DJs, street ensembles, urban fairs and much more.


The Carnival events will be taking place during the weekend of the 24-27 of March 2016, and will include:


The Street Party at Kikar Hamedina Square (25.03): The largest costume party in Tel Aviv. The party starts at noon and lasts until clubs open, where the parties continue…


The Purim Festivals all over the city (24-27.03): The partying doesn’t stop at the streets! Costume parties will be held throughout Tel Aviv bars and clubs during the night and in the Tel Aviv’s renovated complexes of Hatachana and Sarona during the day.


The Purim "Adloyada" march in Holon (24.03): the tradition of Purim is to celebrate until one can no longer continue partying, in Hebrew "Adloyada", and the popular Purim holiday festivity is the "Adloyada" march – a joyful procession of music, street performances, colorful floats and costumes. The annual "Adloyada" march will take place in Holon, a neighboring city to Tel Aviv.






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