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Mobinil Sponsors “ibTIECar 2015” Competition

Encouraging Innovation And Creativity Among Youth


Mobinil Sponsors “ibTIECar 2015” Competition






aTP-  Arab tourism portal- In a bid to encourage youth to show their creativity and produce innovative ideas, and in line with the company’s trend to inspire undergraduate students to develop solutions and become updated with the latest technological developments,   Mobinil, Part of the Orange Group, announced its sponsorship of “ibTIECar 2015” competition.


The competition was launched last May by the Technology Innovation Entrepreneurship Center [TIEC], affiliated to the Ministry of CIT. The main purpose of the competition is to recognize and award innovative graduation projects that use technology in benefiting the community.


This year marks ibTIECar’s fourth round, with 29 universities participating in the event, at a total of 144 ideas leading to 21 winning projects. There were several tracks to the competition, each sponsored by a local or multinational organization. The competition introduced projects with innovative solutions in several fields such as integrated circuits’ design, cloud computing, social networking, “Internet of Things” (IoT) and mobile applications, all sponsored by Mobinil. It is worth mentioning that Orange Labs in Cairo was also one of the main sponsors of the event for the embedded systems’ track.


The competition awards reached 130,000 EGP and the winning teams were also granted the opportunity to receive training at TIEC’s branches in four cities: Cairo, Alexandria, Asyut and Mansoura. 


Commenting on Mobinil’s sponsorship of this event, Rana Abbadi, Vice President of Mobinil for Regulatory Affairs, said, “We are proud to be part of ibTIECar this year through contributing to the awards and being part of judges’ panel. Mobinil has always supported youth and innovation, and view this support as an integral part of its social responsibility.”




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