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I remain determined to bring together the people of Seychelles, to work together- President Michel is sworn into office

I remain determined to bring together the people of Seychelles, to work together– President Michel is sworn into office





aTP-  Arab tourism portal- President James Michel has officially started his third elected mandate as the President of the Republic of Seychelles, after he was sworn in this afternoon.


President Michel and Vice-President Danny Faure took their Oath of Office and Oath of Allegiance before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mrs. Mathilda Twomey, at the ceremony of inauguration held at State House,
The ceremony was attended by a large number of Seychellois dignitaries as well as members of the Diplomatic Corps, former President James Mancham, the Deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius, Mr. Ivan Collendavelloo, the Secretary General of the Indian Ocean Commission, Mr. Jean-Claude de l’Estrac, and representatives of the International Observer Missions of the African Union, the Southern African Development Community, the Commonwealth, the Indian Ocean Commission as well as local observer missions.


“ You have elected me as your President for a third and final mandate. A President for all Seychellois. I will continue to gather everyone. To listen. To consult. Remain connected to the people. I will continue to promote this message of peace, national unity, stability, patriotism… Because this country is our only cradle. Because Seychelles needs all of its children. Seychelles is our only homeland. It is a jewel of peace in this world that is sadly divided and distressed,” said President Michel in his inaugural address.


“The result of the election does not mean that our nation is divided. We have always lived together, worked together in spite of our diverse opinions. And this will continue under my new administration. The results of this election indicates the maturity of our people. The maturity of our democracy. It indicates transparency, tolerance and respect for diverging political views.”


The President said that he will always work in the interest of the people of Seychelles, even if some decisions can cost him support.
“ I remain determined to continue to put things into order. I remain determined to bring together the people of Seychelles, to work together, under a single flag, for the progress and prosperity of our country.”
President Michel said that he would start on Monday his 100 Day Plan, which he had outlined in the proposals of the Parti Lepep manifesto.


“Through this election you  have sent me a clear and strong message. I have heard and understood. You have given me five more years to put more things in order. More order and development in the districts, in our communities, to improve the standard of living of our people. To ensure a greater redistribution of opportunity and national wealth,” said President Michel.


President Michel also said that he would propose the creation of a new regional structure within the Indian Ocean Commission for intelligence, coordination and operations to combat drug trafficking in the region. He said that the issue of drugs would be tackled in the same way that Seychelles fought against piracy, with the cooperation of neighbouring countries and international partners.


“ I ask all of you, Seychellois brothers and sisters, to join with me to continue to work for our beloved Seychelles. Our only Seychelles!… In a few days, we will celebrate Christmas. Let us be inspired by the message of peace, love and reconciliation of Christmas. Let us live this message in our every day lives. I wish you all a very merry Christmas. Long live Seychelles. Long live the Seychellois people. And may God continue to give us grace and bless our country,” said the President as he concluded his address.





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