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Beachcomber Hotels and Resorts launch their Sainte Anne Island Insight publication

 Beachcomber Hotels and Resorts launch their Sainte Anne Island Insight publication







aTP-  Arab tourism portal News – The Beachcomber Hotels and Resorts recently launched the latest edition of their Seychelles operation’s INSIGHT publication. This publication comes the Resort is announcing the arrival of Youssef Sabri as its new General Manager and Jean Louis Pismont, the the Group’s International Director of Operations.


It was Ayub Appoo, the Commercial Executive of the Beachcomber Sainte Anne Resort who called at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and presented to Minister Alain St.Ange and PS Anne Lafortune with copies of their latest tourism publication.


The Sainte Anne INSIGHt speaks about the renewing of faith by the Beachcomber Group in their Seychelles Operation. "We are fully committed to our operations at Sainte Anne Island. We are than decided to consolidate our position and to sustain our actions in Seychelles.


 This is the wish of the Beachcomber Group as we are on our way to have some urgent works to be carried out up till the end of the year"  Mr Jean-Louis Pismont is quoted as saying in the Sainte Anne INSIGHT.


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