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Seychelles Tourism Board 2015 advertising campaign stamped ‘’ I love Seychelles’’

Seychelles Tourism Board 2015 advertising campaign stamped ‘’ I love Seychelles’’



Almasalla, ATP News- The Seychelles Tourism Board had adopted the ‘’ I love Seychelles’’ national theme to drive its marketing campaign in 2015.


The national theme launched by James Michel President of the Republic will give a fresh touch to Seychelles Tourism Board’s marketing campaign. In her speech at the Ministry of Tourism & Culture’s annual general staff meeting held on the 13th of January at the ICCS (International Conference Centre) auditorium, Sherin Naiken, Chief Executive of Seychelles Tourism board said that the‘’ I love Seychelles’’ national theme could not have been a better fit for Seychelles Tourism Board .







A sentiment largely shared by Alain St.Ange, the Minister for Tourism and Culture who strongly believes that the ‘’ I love Seychelles’’ campaign will bring out a sense of ‘’patriotism’’ and will encourage the involvement of Seychellois in the tourism industry.

  This campaign will help raise the Seychelles profile considerably and strengthen awareness of Seychelles as a destination.


It would also promote local businesses run by Seychellois entrepreneurs.





The Seychelles Tourism Board will take this campaign to another height by launching a series of viral videos and photos competitions on our social media platforms.  Visitors will get a chance to submit entries of their fun – filled holiday in Seychelles and stand a chance to win a lifetime offer as a grand prize.


Giveaways and corporate gifts reflecting the ‘’ I love Seychelles’’ theme will also emerge as Seychelles Tourism Board’s new line of products to market the destination worldwide.


 Following discussions between Minister Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Tourism Board Sherin Naiken and PS for Tourism Anne Lafortune they all agreed that this year’s national theme will help to develop more respect for one another and for our visitors.


 "When we love Seychelles we will should not see any adverse incidents that could make Seychelles loose its safety label" said Minister St.Ange as he appealed for every Seychellois to embrace this year’s national theme.




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