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Seychelles lovely Bayview Villa moves to become an “owner operator establishment”

Seychelles lovely Bayview Villa moves to become an "owner operator establishment"

Almasalla,Gate Arab Tourism News-The Seychelles lovely Bayview Villa is enjoying a fresh start as an "owner operator establishment". Previously the property had been leased to tenants but after a string of difficulties the owners of the lovely Bayview Villa at Petit Barbarons have moved in themselves with a new group of staff and are now building a reputation for being listed to be amongst the best in business practices.

The eighty thousand square metre property with thirteen rooms is a bed and breakfast self catering establishment.

Driven by the owner’s approachable management style, the Bayview Villa is now on the right track to evolve into a profitable business venture and to be seen as a positive addition to the list of ‘home grown tourism establishments’ of the island.  







Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture visited the property and met with the owner manager Mukta Benoiton and her new team at the Bayview Villa of Petit Barbarons. Mukta and her husband Leslie Benoiton, the owners of Bayview Villa have been congratulated for taking over Management of the own property that sits on a prime tourism site with one of the most panoramic views.

Mukta Benoiton who welcomed Minister St.Ange during the visit said she’s putting her special touch to turn the Bayview Villa into a reputable home grown tourism establishment.

“We’re enjoying the challenge and we are proud to now run Bayview Villa as an owner operated establishment.

Bayview Villa’s secluded location on the South West Coast of Mahe offers a most stunning view.

Now running between 60-70% occupancy rate, the Bayview Villa under its new management is set to find its niche market as a tourism establishment offering personalised service by the owners themselves.

After visiting the rooms and the grounds of the establishment Minister Alain St.Ange said that it was encouraging to see the high quality of small privately owned establishments that are today available in Seychelles. "We wanted to see more Seychellois enter the industry and it is with a lot of pleasure that I welcome Mr and Mrs Benoiton as the new owner managers of their very own establishment. We assure you both of the support and commitment of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture" the Minister said.


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