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Seychelles Minister moves to consolidate working partnership with Insane Fitness & Nutrition of Pretoria South Africa

Seychelles Minister moves to consolidate working partnership with Insane Fitness & Nutrition of Pretoria South Africa

Almasalla Arab Travel Portal News – Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism & Culture met with Kirschlee Naidoo from Insane Fitness & Nutrition, Pretoria South Africa during his stop at Johannesburg Airport on his working visit to South Africa.

Minister St.Ange and Mr Naidoo discussed partnership between Seychelles Tourism and Insane Fitness & Nutrition to promote sports Tourism including Golf which, carnival 2015 and Seychelles as the preferred destination to the South Africans. Present at the meeting was Marsha Parcou, the Pretoria based Seychelles Tourism Board Manager for Africa.

Seychelles as a tourism destination will now see Insane Fitness & Nutrition embark on different  marketing campaigns in South Africa to push Seychelles as the destination of choice for South African holiday makers. Since their participation at the April Carnival International de Victoria, Seychelles is already getting exposure through Insane Fitness & Nutrition various marketing mediums such as e-marketing.

It was agreed at the meeting between Minister St.Ange and Kirschlee Naidoo that the main projects that the following are where Seychelles would be partnering with Insane Fitness & Nutrition:-

1. The Apprentesses of Angelique Gerber – National Competition, one lucky  lady will be chosen to pursue her dreams  in the Entertainment Industry. Seychelles would get exposure through all her marketing campaigns and social platform.

2. National Fitness Competition – the best fitness athletes in the country  will be chosen in the country to represent South Africa in the 2015 edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria in Seychelles. Insane Fitness & Nutrition have agreed to run a roadshow in December in all major cities starting in Pretoria, Durban and ending in Cape Town at the annual Cape Town Carnival in January 2015. This would give Seychelles and its Carnival maximum  exposure throughout the country.

Mr Naidoo says that he is ‘honoured to be partnering with the Seychelles Tourism Board in being a main promoter/partner for the 2015 edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria of Seychelles, and at the same promoting Seychelles as a sports tourism destination in South Africa.  

Insane Fitness & Nutrition already has a good working relationship with the Seychelles Tourist Office South Africa and this is now set to be further consolidated.

Minister St.Ange welcomed the initiative as he believes that these marketing campaigns would promote Seychelles as more than just a Sun, Sea and Sand tourism destination, but instead as one where the country’s culture and their people are clearly positioned at the centre of their development.

Insane Fitness & Nutrition  will be signing an Agreement with Minister Alain St.Ange of the Seychelles at the INDABA Tourism Trade Fair which is to be held from 10th– 12th May, where Minister St.Ange is leading the island’s delegation made up primarily of private sector tourism businesses.


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