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جانبى طويل
جانبى طويل

SCTA will set up eco-camps in the Uroog Bani Mua”red”s nature reserve in Najran

SCTA will set up eco-camps in the Uroog Bani Mua"red"s nature reserve in Najran

Almasalla Arab Travel Portal News – SCTA has recently selected a national company as the successful bidder to execute the eco-camps in the Uroog Bani Mua"red"s nature reserve in Najran, said Eng. Osama Al Khelaiwi, Director General of Tourism Sites Development.


Eng. Al Khelaiwi added that, Uroog Bani Mua’red’s nature reserve project is the first environmental resort, and that it will be a model and starting point for the development of similar nature reserves in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He said, “The project will have 20 camps of different sizes in addition to a restaurant and visitor’s reception center, taking into account the environmental sensitivity of those sites and their proximity to the services and other tourism sites.”

Al Khelaiwi in this context extended his appreciation to the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD) for its distinguished partnership and abundant cooperation shown in this project.

"The project is a fruit of persistent and close cooperation between SCTA and NCWCD in the field of developing ecotourism sites in the nature reserves. A joint team was formed from the two organizations for the project’s preparatory stage. The team made field visits to the site, met with partners in the local community to inform them of the idea of the proposed development and listened to their suggestions. Then at the end an initial scheme was set for the establishment of high quality desert environmental inns with their design simulating the Namibia and Australian environmental camps,” Al Khelaiwi added. 


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