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‘Africa must know Africa so as to bring more prosperity across the continent,’ says Seychelles Tourism and Culture Minister

‘Africa must know Africa so as to bring more prosperity across the continent,’ says Seychelles Tourism and Culture Minister





aTP-  Arab tourism portal- Africa must know Africa so as to bring more development and prosperity across the continent. Those powerful words were from the Minister of Tourism and Culture Alain St.Ange as he officially launched this year’s FetAfrik, the celebrations marking Africa Day in the Seychelles.

Held at the International Conference Centre of Seychelles, the launch of FetAfrik 2016 was spectacular and colourful with local artists, the African community in Seychelles and talented dancers and drummers coming all the way from Nigeria giving the audience a melting pot of African cultures.

Present at the ceremony were the Designated Minister Vincent Meriton, the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development Idith Alexander, high government officials, members of the diplomatic corps and of the judiciary as well as members of the public.

Also present were Professor Samba from Senegal, director and trainer Oasis Life-Skills Training Service Office Helen Sayers and South African street artist Wesley Peppers who are all in Seychelles to take part in this year’s FetAfrik celebrations.


Speaking at the event, Minister St.Ange said FetAfrik needs to be valued and as a nation we must recognise its importance, he said.
“Happy Africa Day. This day is a good celebration for Seychelles as we celebrate one of the five events, making us who we as a nation. Through FetAfrik, we are marking an important era in our history when the people who came from Africa helped to build this nation that we have here today", he added.
“We live together as the rainbow people. We are a melting pot of cultures coming from the different branches across Africa, Europe and Asia.”

Minister St.Ange also stressed on the need to appreciate the cultures of mainland Africa so that we can better appreciate what and who we are as a nation.
“We need to keep being proud of what we are. The Creole language has its roots in Africa. We cannot lose track that this continent has had a lot of influence on our country.”

During the ceremony, the African Unity choir in Seychelles sang the African Union (AU) anthem before Aissita Dia from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs read the AU message on the occasion of Africa Day 2016.

The local artists who performed that night were Jean-Marc Volcy, Jany de Letourdie, and Despilly William. The National Troupe, the African Community Association and the Nigerian drummers also spiced up the ambiance during the ceremony.


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