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Young Seychellois designers showcase their creations in Fon Lanmal Otour Dife soiree

Young Seychellois designers showcase their creations in Fon Lanmal Otour Dife soiree

A group of 10 young Seychellois designers had the chance to showcase their creations during this year’s Festival Kreol in the Fon Lanmal event.







aTP-  Arab tourism portal News- Held at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort and Casino on Saturday night, the Fon Lanmal Otour Dife soiree gave the young designers from the Seychelles Institute of Arts and Design (SIAD) the chance to display their designs and creations which they have made based on their own chosen themes.


All the 10 themes reflected aspects of our culture such as traditional weddings, our cuisine, our Creole identity, our national flag among so many others.





Among those gracing the soiree with their presence were the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine Alain St.Ange who was the former minister for culture, Minister for Health and Social Affairs Jean-Paul Adam, Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change Didier Dogley, principal secretary for culture Benjamine Rose, and the director of SIAD and the main coordinator of the Fon Lanmal Otour Dife Christine Chetty-Payet.





Mary-vine Pierre came out as the winner with her collection entitled ‘Maryaz Payanke’. Julia Laporte’s collection entitled ‘Batik Kreol’ settled in second position while Nancy Didon with her ‘Mouvman Tropikal’ designs won third prize.






The other seven designers were Darren Esther, Shabira Ally, Tyra Constance, Kadiatou Jabbie, Annabelle Esparon, Coreen Belize and Tania Athanase.







Addressing those present, Minister St.Ange said the young stylists and designers need the support of Seychelles, and those who believe in our Creole identity, as what these youngsters are doing forms part of the promotion of our culture.





He reassured his support towards the department of culture which was under his responsibility for the past five years and will now be the new portfolio of Minister Idith Alexander. He added that the department needs to continue in its mission to keep promoting our culture.






One of the members of the jury Nigel Henrie said a list of criteria were used to judge the creations made by the designers. Among those were originality, creativity, the themes chosen, materials and accessories used.





“We have seen good designs so our wish is to see these creations put into good use after Fon Lanmal. We need to ensure that our young designers soar higher. Let us be proud of what our own designers create and let us appreciate their work and creativity,” he said.






Apart from the designers showcasing their creations, a sumptuous Creole buffet was served and a moutia séance was hosted. Popular artists namely Michelle Marengo, Ion Kid, Sandra, John Wirtz, Reggie, Joenise Juliette and Joseph Sinon were there to entertain guests.





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