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Denis Island: a leading example in Sustainability … From Saint Ange Tourism Report Edition #11













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The sea around Denis provides the island and its hotel with an abundance of produce as well as recreation: from the fresh seafood used daily in its cuisine, to the renowned diving and fishing excursions available just minutes away from shore.

Moreover, for the island’s keepers, the sea is also the source of a rich but unheralded fertilizer: seaweed.

At the onset of the southeast trade winds that begin blowing around May, literally tons of seaweed drift to the east bay know as Belle Etoile. According to Denis owner, Mickey Mason, the seaweed that washes up onshore is mixed with chicken and cow manure for use in the vegetable gardens, which have become much more prolific since its introduction.

Seaweed is believed to have over 60 trace minerals and nutrients, along with hormones that can help plants grow. It also does not need to decompose before adding to soil, and is a natural prevention mechanism for pests, as birds and snails prefer not to traverse through its rough-textured edges.

“Seaweed is a wonderful natural fertilizer, so using what’s available to us in a way that doesn’t upset the environment fits in well with our sustainability drive on Denis,” Mr Mason said. “We’re looking at every possible way to minimize what we bring to the island from foreign shores, and in this case, the original is better than anything we could import.”

Denis Private Island continues to show Seychelles that it is a leader in sustainability, and it is hoped that other islands will learn from its great example and follow suit.

Southeast trade winds blowing around May brings tons of seaweed to the east bay known as Belle Etoile

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