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Saint Ange Tourism Report Edition #22 of 2018

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The Editorial this week reminds us that we have now entered the mid-year mark, presenting an opportunity for reflection. We look at developments with many airlines in the region, before visiting the Operating Costs in hospitality now that Oil Prices are nearing the US $100 mark. On a lighter note, we recognise the arrival of the annual Birds Egg Season in Seychelles, Joseph Sinon’s 25 years in the music and entertainment field in Seychelles, and the 2018 edition of the Seychelles Regatta.

Stand Alone articles in this Issue cover:-

1. Girl Power musical show at Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa – 29 June.

2. The Seychelles Regatta 2018.

3. Negotiating the murky world of travel review sites.

4. Club Liberté Casino launches a “Michael Adams” branded wine.

5. Africa: Accra City Hotel wins 4 green Award.

6. Seychelles’ hospitality association wants plastic straws banned.

7. LUX*, Vanilla Islands & SUNx announce SDG-17 Climate Resilience partnership.

8. Aviation:2 of the Top 3 African Airlines SAA and KQ may partner to improve fortunes.

9. Air Austral & Air Madagascar in strategic partnership.

10. EWA AIR, the very first airline of Mayotte.

11. Air Seychelles introduces new resident fares for domestic travel .

12. 26 African Tourism Ministers to attend the 61st UNWTO-CAF Meeting

13. Naomy King & Shana Payet on New Adverts for famous designers of India.

14. International Newswires continue to republish our Report.

Welcome to edition 22 of the 4th of June.

We are already in the 6th month of 2018 and this mid-year mark is a great time to reflect. The Seychelles Tourism Board will be looking at their strategy to keep Seychelles visible and relevant, and will re-assess their strategy as required. This is important for the country, because the days of destinations and establishments getting the business they need and want, on their own, are gone. The Travel News Wire article “Negotiating the murky world of travel review sites” that has been republished in full, speaks volume on the challenges of today.


This issue of the Tourism Report has looked at many developments in the airlines of the region. The Air Austral and Air Magadascar partnership as well as Kenya Airways and South African Airways looking at closer cooperation. We are also congratulating EWA AIR for being Mayotte’s first airline. Air Seychelles’ newly announced domestic fares are also released. This announcement is raising many an eyebrow and has been the topic of many discussions in the country where the public are expressing surprise and a level of disappointment at the increases.

Operating Cost set to increase

Travel News Wire also reported this week that oil prices could jump to $100. Crude oil could skyrocket to $100 per barrel in the near future and there is nothing the world’s biggest producers can do to change that, warned Bob Parker, strategist at Quilvest Wealth Management. This must worry everyone because increased operating costs will impact the travel industry and in return the economy of many countries. Seychelles has its tourism industry as the pillar of its economy and will be required to analyse the situation on hand carefully. Passing all the increases in oil prices to the consumer or absorbing some through a readjustment in the tax levied on oil into Seychelles.

Birds Egg Season has arrived

The annual Birds Egg season has arrived and this much awaited delicacy finally hit the market last week. This year, both Bird Island and Desnoefs Island, are removing the eggs to send to Mahe. The Island Development Company (IDC) is expected to ship some 3800 cartons of eggs which will go to many of the retail shops all over the islands. Guy Savy and his family of Bird Island have been the steady annual suppliers of the birds eggs and their supply has also started to reach the main island. Not everyone has had the opportunity to get hold of a bird’s egg, but it is hoped that this will change soon.

The much-loved bird egg


Bird Island during the Sooty Tern season


Seychelles Joseph Sinon celebrates 25 years in the music industry

Joseph Sinon has just celebrated 25 years in the entertainment industry. As we say Congratulations to Joseph Sinon, we sympathise with the difficulty Seychellois artists are facing form lack of proper facilities in place. The dedicated Music Stadium is taking longer to be completed than expected, and Seychelles today needs encouragement and not negativity that brings nothing for the islands, and that important industry. Joseph Sinon is an “entertainer par excellence” and his following speaks for itself. Well done Joe. Keep up the good work.

Josph Sinon celebrating his 25 years as an artist in Seychelles


Seychelles Regatta 2018

The Regatta is back and famous names in the world of regattas are back in the islands. The benefit for Seychelles will be the press coverage we get from this event. Seychelles is good at working with the press in the four corners of the world to gain coverage for its events and conferences, and we wish the Tourism Board success with this latest event.

It is important to again today acknowledge all who are diligently re-posting the Saint Ange Tourism Report weekly. Our Report ranges far and wide, from Australia to the Americas, from the Indian Ocean Vanilla islands to Africa & Asian and Greater Europe, with your continued support, which is greatly appreciated. You are helping us to grow from strength to strength with each new Edition.

Enjoy the read,

Alain St.Ange

Saint Ange Consultancy

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