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Seychelles votes today 18th December in its Presidential Elections – James Michel v/s Wavel Ramkalawan

Seychelles votes today 18th December in its Presidential Elections – James Michel v/s Wavel Ramkalawan

eTP-arab tourism portal – The first round of the Seychelles Presidential elections that was held on the 5th December saw James Michel from the Parti Lepep (PL) with red as their campaign colour and Wavel Ramkalawan from the Seychelles National Party (SNP) with green as their campaign colour chosen to be candidates for the 2nd Round of the elections set for the 18th December. 

James Michel, President of the Parti Lepep (PL) is the incumbent candidate having been President of the Seychelles since 2004 whereas Wavel Ramkalawan was a former Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Seychelles National Party (SNP). James Michel and Wavel Ramkalawan came out first and second in the 5th December Presidential elections and are now facing each other in this straight two person contest.

The first round of the elections saw six Presidential Candidates. In that first round of the elections Patrick Pillay of Lalyans Seselwa Party, a former Minister in the Michel Government, pulled 14.19% of the ballots. The combined total votes pulled by other three candidates were small in number. These candidates were  Alexia Amesbury of the Seychelles Party for Social Justice & Democracy, Philippe Boulle as the Independent Candidate and David Pierre, of the PDM Party who was a former Member of the National Assembly representing the Seychelles National Party of Ramkalawan.

Patrick Pillay, Alexia Amesbury and Philippe Boulle have thrown their support behind Wavel Ramkalawan for the second round of the Presidential Elections whereas David Pierre has not endorsed any candidates.  For the 5th December elections James Michel pulled 23 electoral districts out of the 25 districts and Wavel Ramkalawan pulled two electoral districts namely Beau Vallon and St. Louis. James Michel pulled 47.76% and Wavel Ramkalawan 35.33% in the 5th December elections. The balance of the votes went to the Lalyans Seselwa Party of Patrick Pillay, the other smaller political parties and the Independent Candidate. Both James Michel and Wavel Ramkalawan have appealed to these voters as well as to those who did not come out to vote for their support for today’s 18th December election day.

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