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Empowering women in Seychelles also means supporting and encouraging them as was the case when “Fanm Dan Zil” took to Victoria during recent Festival Kreol

Empowering women in Seychelles also means supporting and encouraging them as was the case when "Fanm Dan Zil" took to Victoria during recent Festival Kreol






ATP-  Arab tourism portal- Seychelles is known for its continued work in the recognition of women. The Chief Justice of the islands is a women، many Ministers are women، Elected Members of the island s National Assembly are women، Doctors and Pilots are women for example but never before had a group of capable women musicians joined together to form a music band and take to Victoria to perform live as was the case during the 2015 Festival Kreol of the Seychelles.








Credit for staging such a great event goes to Joennise Juliette and Berno Cedras who as Manager and Director worked hard and made a first in Seychelles and earned the respect of the country.  Joennise Juliette is herself a very popular artists in Seychelles and in the Indian Ocean Region and is ofter referred to as the "La Reine Sega" (The Sega Queen) because of her popular Sega Song with the same title.










The all women band was made up of the popular singer Sandra Esparon who sat with Vanessa Lucas on the drums, Alisha Ernesta was on the bass guitar, Rhonda Labrosse on percussion, Corinne Chetty on Keyboard, Moira Hoareau on the Guitar, Mersha Philoe and Debrah Panagary on the violin, Vanessa Juliette and Martina Labrosse as backing vocalist
Present in the open air stadium for this unique performance by and all women band was Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture accompanied by Benjamine Rose, the PS for Culture and Jimmy Savy, the CEO of the National Arts Council of Seychelles (NAC).  When he addressed the crowd who had come out to show their support for women in Seychelles Minister Alain St.Ange said that he needed to congratulate Joennise Juliette for such an initiative and asked everyone to give her a round of applause.










"Today is a great day for our islands. Empowering women in Seychelles is one thing, but coming out to support them and encourage them is as important especially when they are breaking into new ground. Seeing tonight an all women band perform to the mass is a great step forward and to each and every one forming part of this all women band tonight I simply say well done. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture will continue to support such initiatives as this shows our country ability and innovation. As a Seychellois I am proud to be here with you all tonight and thank everyone who turned up to hear the ladies perform. The saying that behind every successful man their is a woman is one thing, but behind a developing and successful cultural industry their is are powerful women and an all woman music band" said Minister St.Ange to the applause of the crowd.









Joennise Juliette on her part thanked all her fans for being present and made a special mention of the support received from Minister Alain St.Ange. PS Benjamine Rose, CEO of the NAC Jimmy Savy and from the Government of Seychelles.







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