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Musical Comedy by students of Reunion Island succesfully staged during the 2015 Festival Kreol of Seychelles

Musical Comedy by students of Reunion Island succesfully staged during the 2015 Festival Kreol of Seychelles






ATP-  Arab tourism portal- A group of students from La Possession in La Reunion accompanied by the teachers and parents were in Seychelles for the 2015 Festival Kreol with a Musical Comedy that showed the ability of these young Reunionais.









The 55 primary school students of La Possession enjoyed themselves of the Stage at the ICCS Conference Centre in Victoria as the surprised a group of Seychellois students, teachers, parents and the general public who had come out to see the young Reunionais students perform. Also present at the conference centre in Victoria were Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, H.E. Lionel Majeste-Larrouy, the French Ambassador accredited to Seychelles, Benjamine Rose, the PS for Culture,  Pascal Viroleau, the CEO of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands amongst many others who were out participate in the many events marking this year s Festival Kreol.









A musical based the story of La Lafontaine where a young Reunionais was attempting to learn by heart the stories in the language of Moliere.









 A very good performance seen as an original piece of comedy staged after a lot of work by students, artists, teachers, animators and parents showcasing the determination by La Possession and La Reunion as a whole. Simone Casus, the elected representative at La Possession and a Musical Professor in her own right said when she addressed the audience at the ICCS Conference Centre in Victoria that the students themselves were party to the preparation of the texts of the musical comedy.


The staging of the comedy was with the Reunion Artist Mathias Vienne. The Students came from the Raymond Verges College and from the La Possession Schools of Jacques Duclos and Paul Eluard. Francoise Darel on her part as the one responsible of TAP at La Possession said that the students were delighted to have travelled to Seychelles to have this exchange with Seychellois students.










Simone Casus used the occasion to thank Minister Alain St.Ange for his support for the project and presented the Minister with a Commemorating Medal marking 100 years of La Possession. Others who were also thanked were the French Ambassador, the PS for Culture, Miera Savy of the Department of Culture and the Maire de Victoria.


Minister Alain St.Ange said when he addressed the performers and audience that Seychelles was thankful for the excellent ties of friendship that existed today between the island of La Reunion and the Seychelles.


 The Minister said that the musical comedy was an excellent performance and a great addition to the 2015 Festival Kreol program. Minister St.Ange told the hundred plus Reunion delegation to make time to enjoy Seychelles and to return home as ambassadors of their sister island of Seychelles.  







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