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Seychelles delegation attends the third edition of Indian Ocean Food and Culture Festival in Moroni, Comoros

Seychelles delegation attends the third edition of Indian Ocean Food and Culture Festival in Moroni, Comoros





aTP-  Arab tourism portal News – Seychelles delegation consisting of the Principal Secretary for Tourism, Anne Lafortune and the renowned local Seychellois Chef Ulric Denis attended the Indian Ocean Food and Culture Festival, an event held from the 26 to 28 August 2016 in the Comoros Islands, an event that forms part of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Island Calendar of Events.




During the opening ceremony which was attended by the Vice President of Comoros, Mr Djaffar Ahmed Said Hassani, Mrs. Lafortune was invited to make a speech where she delivered a message on behalf of the Seychelles Tourism Minister, Alain St.Ange on the importance for the continuation and success of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands for the 6 Island states namely, Seychelles, Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, Comoros and Mayotte.





Mrs Anne Lafortune also participated on a panel discussion and was interviewed by local press about the Vanilla Islands and its Member States during a press conference organised on the final day.




The festival was a 3 day event consisting of conferences, exhibitions and cultural activities featuring the rich gastronomy and the thousand year old Comorian culture and the culture of the Indian oceanique region.





Included in this activity was the demonstration and tasting of Vanilla Islands cooking where the Seychelles famous Chef Denis prepared a number of the islands Seychellois creole dishes which were appreciated by all present. Other activities included regional arts and crafts exhibitions, meetings and workshops on the promotion of the Indian Ocean as a tourist destination.


This event is one of the successful initiatives of the Vanilla Island which promotes the different products of the Indian Ocean islands in order to encourage more tourists to the region. Also present at the event was the President of the Regional Council of Reunion and French Senator, Didier Robert and Pascal Viroleau the Chief Executive Officer of the Vanilla Island.





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