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Tourists warned of Calais migrants making hijack-threats

Tourists warned of Calais migrants making hijack-threats





aTP-  Arab tourism portal News – Tourists are being warned by ferry companies and truck drivers to be cautious at the port of Calais following an outbreak of violence recently. Lorries have been “completely shredded” with knives following the escalated migrant crisis in France.


The UK Freight Transport Association said that truck drivers are risking their lives to undertake their jobs as they face thugs who are using knives, chainsaws and burning road blockades to target them.


In fact, there have been many reports stating the attack on the drivers and road blocks.


The holidaymakers are repeatedly warned not to travel between midnight and 6:00am.


Recently, hundreds of vehicles were stopped at a ring road known to those who travel it regularly as the ‘Corner of Terror’ as police used tear gas to disperse crowds.


Families returning from their summer holidays faced long delays who were attacked in their cars in the day time.


P&O Ferries were prompted to make a press statement following the stoppage on the port motorway left families vulnerable to attack.


Sue MacKenzie, P&O Ferries Operations Director, said: “The safety of our customers is our absolute priority. Every passenger using the Port of Calais has a right to expect a secure, safe and efficient passage. We will continue to do everything we can with the French authorities to ensure a safe and secure environment.”


Amount of migrants now at the Calais Jungle camp has reached 10,000. A number of tourists took to social media to voice their concern about the threat they faced while on holiday.


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