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PATA International Youth Forum 2014 by PATA Malaysia Taylor s Student Chapter

PATA International Youth Forum 2014 by PATA Malaysia Taylor s Student Chapter


Almasalla,Gate Arab Tourism News- The awesome PATA International Youth Forum (PIYF) is back for the year 2014! Last year s forum was conceptualized to reflect a journey where the delegates embarked on a plane (PIYF being the aircraft / vehicle) to discover their inner self and skills through the destinations which they were visiting (talks and workshops arranged on day two).

 This forum is organized by PATA Malaysia Taylor’s Student Chapter with the theme of, “Managing Crisis and Developing Opportunities: The Challenge for Tourism in Asia”. It will be a two-day long event, taking place on the 7 and 8 of November, where participants will learn the do’s and don’ts of crisis management in various scenarios of the industry through expert sharing sessions and competitive team simulation games.


 This year’s forum will be a teaser (or heads up?) for the youths and a recap for the industry players on the management of crisis based on past tragedies and events. The ripple-effect caused by natural disasters, political unrest in tourist-populated countries à?


Tourism destinations have severely affected the tourism industry in many countries. Participants will hear from the stakeholders who were directly and indirectly affected by tourism crisis in the past and how they handled the volatile situations as well as best practices that have proved to be effective, especially in the Asia-Pacific region which is currently the fastest growing tourism region in the world

PIYF 2014 will include interactive sessions with the speakers, creative (or hands on?) workshops, and intimate sharing session with a surprise twist to keep our participants on their toes. This twist has been added with simulations for delegates to tingle their critical thinking abilities and to put their problem solving skills to test. PIYF2014 is the platform to gather youths from the Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary industries across the world to discuss current as well as future issues and trends.

 This forum runs in tandem with PATA Next Gen’s mission to reduce the gap between the students and the industry as the association acts as a catalyst responsible for the development of the Pacific Asia Tourism Industry.’


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