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Four Seasons Private Jet to Arrive in Seychelles for the First Time

Four Seasons Private Jet to Arrive in Seychelles for the First Time

Guests onboard luxury Four Seasons Private Jet will spend four nights at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles as part of a Cultural Escape tour






aTP-  Arab tourism portal News- On Friday 11th November 2016, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles will welcome guests of the Four Seasons Private Jet – the hotel industry’s first fully-branded private jet experience, which will land into Seychelles for the very first time.


Guests of the Four Seasons Private Jet will each stay in a luxurious tree house style villa at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles for a total of four nights before continuing on the jet’s 19 day journey to six spectacular Four Seasons destinations, as part of the Cultural Escape tour. 


The Four Seasons Private Jet offers guests an unrivalled luxury experience, combining visits to a number of the 101 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, which are now open in 42 countries around the world, as part of a diverse range of itineraries, including Culinary Discoveries, International Intrigue and Extraordinary Adventures.


First launched in 2015, the Four Seasons Private Jet is a culmination of a vision to deliver a fully immersive Four Seasons Private Jet Experience both in the air and on the ground, every element of the private jet journey has been re-imagined and designed through the Four Seasons lens to capture the company’s signature aesthetic, style and legendary service in the sky. Building on a history of innovation, the Four Seasons Private Jet exemplifies the company’s commitment to evolving the guest experience to anticipate and exceed the changing needs of the modern luxury traveller.


On the Cultural Esacpe itinerary, guests begin in London on the banks of the River Thames before departing for majestic Moscow where they will enjoy a private tour of the city’s acclaimed Armoury.


In Dubai, guests will explore the soaring city by private helicopter tour before heading south to Seychelles to enjoy the island’s lush coconut groves, hibiscus gardens and crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean.


Venturing inland, guests will then make their way deep into the Tanzanian plains, enjoying a champagne breakfast in the Serengeti grasslands and a sighting of Africa’s “Big Five” before making their way into the heart of the Chianti countryside.


There, guests will tour local wineries, taste Tuscan delicacies and enjoy a private viewing of Michelangelo’s David in Florence before returning to London for the close of their journey.


2016 Four Seasons Jet itinerary prices begin at USD 106,000. Each journey includes air travel aboard the Private Jet, ground transportation, planned excursions, all meals and beverages throughout the trip and luxurious accommodations at Four Seasons hotels and resorts. On board, guests enjoy Dom Pérignon, the exclusive champagne on board the Four Seasons Private Jet.




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