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One Seychelles … by Ashraf El Gedawy

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by Ashraf El Gedawy

On the shores of the Indian Ocean lies the calmness of a group of islands on the east coast of the African continent, including the islands that fought for their independence from Britain (1976), called the Republic of Seychelles.

Seychelles has a different geographical and social combination, a sea state consisting of over a hundred islands. It is located in the middle of the sea-link between Asia and Africa. It has depended on the maritime services of transiting ships in the Indian Ocean and some agricultural activities, as well as the tourism which forms the greatest part of its national income over the past two decades.


Like many other countries of the continent, the ethnic and ethnic composition of its 100,000 inhabitants is varied, most of them coming with European guidelines for exploration. This is why the demographic, linguistic and religious composition of this small and important country has varied with its strategic position.


At the beginning of the era, the nascent republic faced some political instability. It was bypassed by the adoption of political and partisan pluralism, a new constitution was adopted and a number of economic successes were achieved, especially in the tourism field. However, Seychelles is still searching for new ways, policies and vision that will push the country to new horizons. To benefit from its geographical location, to exploit its vast natural resources, to advance agricultural and tourism development and to benefit from its unique geographic location, which is a key to the security and stability of the Eastern Sahelian region of Africa and the Indian Ocean, The two continents of Africa and Asia.


Next year (2020), Seychelles will be holding new presidential elections. Its laws have allowed for the free formation of political parties whose numbers are disproportionate to their population. Some of them have become mere banners. The real party life has been limited to two parties: the Socialist People’s Party (US) which emerged from the People’s Progressive Front, the ruling party, while the other party is the LDS (Union Democratic Seychelles) Party.


In the context of the two-party bipartisanship and with the passage of half a century of the independence of the country and the political and intellectual changes witnessed by the world, the Seychelles sought to overcome their social and economic conditions and seek an economic and developmental renaissance, re-discovering the new Seychelles with its resources and the unity of its people. Last April politics in the islands saw the launching of the “One Seychellespolitical party. One of the founders of the new party Alain St.Ange said as he spoke at the launching ceremony that their electoral platform and political manifesto would change the face of Seychelles politics in the near future.


– It can be said at the outset that the declaration of the establishment of the ‘One Seychelles’ party, is the beginning of the birth of a party that declares itself as an alternative party or a third way confirms that the political status quo of the traditional power in place has been exceeded by time.


– The personalities who participated in the launch of the new political party in Seychelles include names of prominent islanders with a track record in the service of Seychelles and its people who had achieved significant economic successes in the island’s previous Administration.


– The names of the founders of the ‘One Seychellespolitical party belong to all the components of Seychelles ethnic, cultural and religious groupings without exception and seemed to jave been conceived as a project of national unity among the people of Seychelles to become the party representative of all Seychellois.


The launch speech by leaders of that new political party clearly indicates that it is a democratic party that has a national, social and economic vision. This is reflected in the vocabulary of the speech, which speaks of the unity of the homeland, the multiple islands and the unity of its sons, the protection of the country’s security and respect for its independence and national sovereignty. A project for health and social care for all citizens of the country.


– With the talk of narrowing the economic gap between citizens, the party presents an economic program involving businessmen and provides the opportunity to work with investments from domestic and international capital and open doors to international companies to work within the country, under the slogan of the great title of the program, building the new Seychelles and rediscovering its capabilities.

Seychelles opposition political party led by former Minister Alain St.Ange 


In the end, the choice of Alain St.Ange, a prominent politician of the islands and the former tourism minister as head of the party, and a host of prominent political, economic and social figures as members of the political bureau and party committees have created an atmosphere of optimism and satisfaction in the country.

The question remains: Will the ‘islands of dreams’ see the new Seychelles? I say we wish it and let’s wait ..!













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