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جانبى طويل

Seychelles..saint ange who dazzled world tourism and politics dirty games

Seychelles..saint ange who dazzled world tourism and politics dirty games

Open Letter to my honorable friend

By : Ashraf El Gedawy

Travel Writer & site Editor








aTP- Arab tourism portal News- You do not think you lost the position. It is not the civilized world that lost an expert who does not say tourism. He is a human expert in human relations that unites people all over the world through a promising tourism industry to achieve sustainable development for the humanitarian communities that need to be raised to achieve economic growth. And a promising future in which the good is achieved for all, regardless of their colors or languages ​​or nationalities.





Experience of the saint who sacrificed three ministerial posts in his small country, which has become a milestone in the global tourism industry and a unique tourist destination in a few years can not “The curse of God on politics and politicians” to erase them from human history and also the experience of Seychelles, the small country in the international tourism industry will be taught to future generations throughout the world …





Alain St Ange is a symbol of tender that does not stop and symbolizes the extraordinary effort and symbol of human love for his country ..





First and lastly is a symbol of good morals and the right way for everyone who aims To achieve the same without immoral concessions even if the cost of the road is high and ultimately earn the respect of everyone and respect for himself and his principles and ethics wonderful





This person is an exceptional case in the present and the future, a deep greeting from the heart to you and from all the tourists societies around the .world









Alain St Ange rare model of human in a world lacking in human…










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