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UNWTO condemns US Administration decision to restore travel restrictions with Cuba















aTP- Arab tourism portal News- The World travel/tag/tourism/" target="_blank">Tourism Organization (UNWTO) expresses its firm resentment over the recently-announced decision by the United States travel/tag/administration/" target="_blank">Administration to restore travel travel/tag/restrictions/" target="_blank">restrictions with travel/tag/cuba/" target="_blank">Cuba.



“This represents a step backwards and a travel/tag/strong-attack/" target="_blank">strong attack on the freedom of travel,” said UNWTO Secretary-General travel/tag/taleb-rifai/" target="_blank">Taleb Rifai.



“This decision will have limited impact on travel/tag/cuba/" target="_blank">Cuba’s tourism development, yet it will travel/tag/substantially/" target="_blank">substantially affect the US economy and American jobs. Many US companies have started to invest in and do business with travel/tag/cuba/" target="_blank">Cuba in view of the immense potential of travel/tag/cuba/" target="_blank">Cuban tourism, which other countries will surely continue to benefit from,“ he added.



travel/tag/tourism/" target="_blank">Tourism is one of the key economic sectors in travel/tag/cuba/" target="_blank">Cuba, supporting many livelihoods and drawing significant interest from foreign investors, which will surely continue being the case.



In 2016 travel/tag/cuba/" target="_blank">Cuba received over 4 million travel/tag/international-visitors/" target="_blank">international visitors, a growth of over 1 million in only five years.




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