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Mastihashop debuts at Gulfood 2016

Mastihashop brings fine goods of the Mediterranean to annual exhibition





aTP-  Arab tourism portal- Dubai, –  Inspired and intrigued by the powerful healing qualities of Mastiha or Mastic and warm memories of his grandmother using Mastic for ailments, local entrepreneur, Mansoor Al Bastaki’s journey has brought Mastihashop and its popular products into the UAE and at this year’s Gulfood 2016.


Mastihashop is currently displaying on stand number B-11 in the Greek Pavillion, Hall 4 of DWTC. The brand had a briefing reception for partners, retailers and media at the Intercontinental Festival City where brand representative, Marialena Kavoura from Greece gave a presentation on the benefits of the Mastiha resin in food.










Mastiha/Mastic is a natural and rare tree resin, which has proven to have health benefits with its anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Any raw Mastiha found around the world originates in only one place in Greece, in Chios Islands and Mastihashop is the sole supplier of the Mastiha raw resins.


Under the creative direction of the parent brand, Mastihashop in the UAE has evolved with Mansoor Al Bastaki, Founder and Director of UAE Mastihashop at the helm. According to him, patrons and discerning UAE residents like to experience exotic food and products they normally find during their travels at their doorstep.


The exotic Mastihashop collection reflects the modernization of traditional food remedies and include Mastihq infused chocolates, sweets, savoury products, cosmetics and skincare, pharmaceuticals, gifts as well as exotic coffee, ice cream, desserts and milkshakes.


Mastihashop, offers clients the perfect bite, the perfect gift and a cosy hangout for coffee, is located in the Aswaaq Building in Jumeirah 1, Al Wasl Road.



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