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Tourism Minister Highlights Oman Tourism Strategy




aTP-  Arab tourism portal- Ahmed bin Nasser al-Meherzi, Minister of Tourism said that Oman Tourism Strategy, which is being implemented since the beginning of 2016 after it was approved by the Council of Ministers, focuses on several objectives, the foremost of which is enhancing domestic tourism, particularly the recreational sector, which the ministry is currently executing.


He pointed out that the domestic tourism, its trends and objectives, as well as due to its importance, dominated about 50 percent from the strategy. He added that this requires utilities and installations that meet demands of the tourist as the Omani tourist looks for recreational tourism related- installations and services.


Al-Meherzi pointed out that the total investments expected for this sector during the upcoming years exceed RO one billion. He added that there are projects being implemented, others were issued licenses to be established and other projects understudy.




















   The Minister of Tourism further said that among the recreational tourism projects, which were approved, include the construction of two waterparks in Salalah and the other world-class waterpark that will be established by one of the pension funds in Al Athaibah in the Governorate of Muscat, in addition to a project for Muscat Municipality, in cooperation with one of the investment companies to establish a world-class recreational city in the Wilayat of A’Seeb, a family recreational project in the Wilayat of Al Musannah stretching over 5 million square meters and a project to set up a zoo as the investor will be supported for this project, as well as other upcoming projects.











(Source: ONA)

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