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جانبى طويل
جانبى طويل

The International Federation of journalists and writers in tourism honours the Tunisian Minister of tourism salma ạllwmy

Minister of tourism opens the work of the Congress of the International Federation of journalists and writers of tourism





aTP- Arab tourism portal News- The International Federation of journalists and writers of tourism fijet today held its annual conference in tunis in the presence of more than 21 journalists specialising in tourism from 21 countries.




The Inaugural Meeting of Congress was enhanced by the presence of ms salma ellouimi-Rekik Minister of tourism and crafts who gave an overview of the developments in tunisian tourism and the attractive potential of Tunisia to tourism plans, Cultural and natural in addition to the hospitality of the tunisian people.




Referring to the theme of the convention on the promotion of sustainable tourism, the minister stated that this choice is perfectly consistent with the guidelines of the new tunisian tourism strategy. It is also a choice that is in symbiosis with the decision of the United Nations and the world tourism organization, proclaiming 2017 the international year of sustainable tourism for development.



The Minister also stated that tourism should be saved from anything that impedes its sustainability. Moreover, it must benefit all social groups while preserving the world cultural heritage and safeguarding the gifts that nature has offered to humanity.






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