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SCTH: Tourist visa details and regulations will be announced soon





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SCTH has recently announced that the details concerning the tourist visa will be announced at the end of the first quarter of this year, after the approval by its Board of Directors.

At the same time, it rejected what has been published in the media on the specific requirements or nationalities as inaccurate, as it all based on deliberations that have not been decided conclusively by it.


SCTH explained that the preparations for the launch of tourist visa continues in full coordination with the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs.

All parties are working in coordination to approve the list of regulations under which tourist visas will be issued, according to the Tourism System issued within the Royal Decree dated 9/1/1438 H.


It declared that the Tourism Visa charters and regulations will be announced on the date set by President of SCTH, which is by the end of the 1st quarter 2018.

All related details will be published in the Official Gazette and they will also be made available on the SCTH official website,


The statement pointed out that SCTH is currently completing with its partners the final survey of the visions, ensuring the readiness of all concerned parties, completion of tourism services systems, readiness of local communities, as well as the development of marketing packages.


The electronic environment for this purpose was built entirely by self-resources of citizens working in the Information Technology of SCTH in accordance with the latest software techniques after studying the best international practices to make the electronic visa more flexible and advanced.


Draft regulations and technical procedures were also prepared SCTH relying on its own efforts.


It is worth mentioning that SCTH works in accordance with the National Tourism Development Strategy which was adopted by the State in 1425H.

The strategy aims to create a comprehensive vision for the development of tourism visa, which existed but limitedly before the establishment of SCTH.


Worth stating that SCTH and its stakeholders are keen to develop the organizational structure of tourism services, creating awareness on the importance of tourism and cultural heritage for local communities and the frontline officials who deal with tourists.


The National Transformation Program 2020 has adopted the “Tourist Visa” as one of the most important initiatives of high economic feasibility, and a direct impact on elevating the service quality and addressing seasonality that causes price rise in some of the tourism services.


Richness of tourism and cultural diversity in the Kingdom is an attraction that is being developed and supported by mega projects and integrated tourist destinations, in addition to the establishment of heritage sites to receive visitors and turn the Kingdom into a world tourist destination, while adhering to the requirements and controls that contribute to achieve a greater growth of the industry and provide a true positive picture of the Kingdom, its people, its civilization and its rich historical and cultural heritage.


Prince Sultan Bin Salman, President of SCTH, in a press statement to the French Press Agency about two months ago had said: “The Kingdom, as it strives to attract tourists from abroad, does not need to change its values to be attractive or to abandon its culture and way of life as cherished by it.”


Sultan had stressed that the Kingdom, being the cradle of Islam and the direction towards which all Muslims across the world face to pray, has the honor to serve them.

It rests on the rich cultural heritage, the natural and touristic wealth, and the generosity of its hospitable people with diverse cultures, all of which add to its attractions and uniqueness.



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