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Seychelles delegation arrives in Germany to fly the island’s flag at the Düsseldorf Carnaval






aTP-  Arab tourism portal- Nathalie Didon, the Deputy CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board was welcomed in Germany this weekend by Dr Rolf Herpens of the Düsseldorf Carnaval. Nathalie Didon is heading a delegation from the Seychelles School of Dance to this year’s Düsseldorf Carnaval.


Daniella Rose,  head of programme at the Seychelles school of dance and Ruth Barbe one of the teachers at the school are leading a delegation who will be parading with the Seychelles flag at this year’s Düsseldorf Carnaval at the invitation of the carnival organisers of Germany.  For the island’s Tourism Board it is always important for them to be visible in Germany, as this country remains a main tourism source market for Seychelles. The Tourism Board says that as from this year CONDOR will be increasing its weekly flights to two as from September.  



"We are thankful for the warm welcome. It has been truly appreciated by myself and the whole group" said Nathalie Didon as she landed in Düsseldorf.











"Düsseldorf Carnaval is a good opportunity for the students from the Seychelles School of Dance to showcase what they have learnt in the dance classes as they will perform a mixture of creole dance and salsa while they will parade in the streets of Düsseldorf.  The team is determined to raise the  Seychelles flag after having done good preparation in the Seychelles" said Daniella Rose.







The Deputy CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board Nathalie Didon on her part added that as Germany is among the main tourism markets this Carnaval is also a good platform to interact and promote Seychelles to the different participants.




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