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Arterial Network Seychelles gets new arts studio at Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove

Arterial Network Seychelles gets new arts studio at Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove







aTP-  Arab tourism portal News – The art works of Arterial Network Seychelles’ members, a non-governmental organisation, are now on display in a newly opened gallery at Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove hotel.




The new art studio was officially opened last Friday by the Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St.Ange in the presence of the hotel’s general manager Romain Charnet, the chairperson of Arterial Network Georges Camille, the principal secretary for culture Benjamine Rose, artists and other guests.





Speaking at the opening, Minister St.Ange said it is always pleasing to see this bond between tourism and culture, and how it benefits the tourism industry, which we all know is the pillar of our economy.






Having this art studio at the hotel, will give guests the chance to appreciate the arts of Seychelles, and through these paintings they will be able to see another aspect of our culture.


Minister St.Ange added that this is the way forward for our tourism industry, to see hotels appreciating our culture. He said such joint venture between the organisation and the hotel, is worth saluting.





He added that such small add-ons in our tourism industry are important as these facilities and activities attract tourists to spend what they have budgeted for their holiday in Seychelles.


Mr Charnet said Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove is pleased to have pieces of arts from Seychelles being displayed there. He said through this art studio, guests will be able to discover a new perspective of Seychelles through these artworks being exhibited.


We want our guests to experience Seychelles through the different aspects of its culture such as its cuisine, music, paintings, dance, songs and other art forms, he said.





Mr Charnet added that he wishes for the success of this gallery and for it to become an inspiring, creative and engaging place not only for the guests but for the artists as well.


On behalf of the organisation, Mr Camille thanked the hotel for partnering with Arterial Network Seychelles and for giving its members the chance to display and sell their artworks.


He called on artists to join Arterial Network Seychelles and to make use of this new facility at Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove.


Apart from exhibiting and selling their artworks, members of the organisation will also be able to offer guests at the hotel art lessons.






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