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The watersports of Masairah Island

The watersports of Masairah Island






aTP-  Arab tourism portal News – The wonderful island of Masairah is a perfect destination this time of year, the island is an average of 10 degrees cooler than the mainland and is the home of a world of spectacular and adventurous watersport activities. The perfect kind of activities to cool down in the summer.

Here are a few of the islands favorite water sports.

Kite Surfing

Many residents and tourists have been attracted to the sandy beaches of the Sultanate to enjoy the latest trending sport, Kite Surfing. Masairah Island has been particularly popular with kite surfers as the winds and views from the island are spectacular all year round.


The island boasts of winds that are an average of 20-45 knots of winds throughout the year, with flat lagoons on the south coast of the islands that are perfect to freestyle and learn the basics, while the islands west coast has the rocky waves from the Indian ocean; ideal for the more advanced surfers and tricksters.


There are many facilities on the island catering to kite surfers that range from rental services to kite surf camps that teach you the basics and more advanced techniques.
Some of the best spots in the Islands are found in Amq, Khasit, Hawl and Maglah.


Scuba Diving

Located on the Tropic of Cancer and the Arabian Sea, Masairah Island has an abundance of corals and a diverse range of marine life. The mesmerizing colors of the azure waters are also offer magnificent clarity to the amazing sea life.


The multitude of turtles, whales, migratory fish and even dolphins are a wonderful sight for scuba divers which is why this island is often grouped in the top diving locations in the Sultanate.


There are many different dive organizers and for those who want to learn diving, there is no better place than this spectacular island.



Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Masairah Island, and for a good reason. All year round, the seclusion of this island and its unique environment leads it to house one of the healthiest ecosystems in the country. Many fishermen from across the world to enjoy the cool breezes while fishing in the heart of the Arabian Sea.


The prized catch of this island is yellowfin tuna, seabream, kingfish and barracuda. Fishermen also have enjoyed the southern side of the island’s fishing as its rocky seascapes attract many bottom feeding fish that are perfect catch for a barbecue.





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