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Bid to develop tourism sector in Salalah discussed

Bid to develop tourism sector in Salalah discussed






aTP-  Arab tourism portal News –  Maitha Al Mahrouqi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism, met the founder and CEO of Salalah Air, Sam Owen, to understand the airline’s vision for future cooperation in the tourism sector.


The meeting was focused on the development of Salalah Air’s charter services in Oman and between Governorates of the Sultanate. The presentation by the CEO introduced the concept of Oman’s first Flying Club and Adventure Sports Centre that forms part of Salalah Air’s development strategy.


 The Flying Club and Adventure Sports Centre will be headquartered in Salalah and have an operational base located at Sharbitat, which will provide opportunities for aerial sports such as para-motoring and parachuting, together with opportunities for diving, deep sea fishing and sailing.


Speaking of the establishment of the first Air Charter Services in the Sultanate, Sam Owen said, “Salalah Air is entirely Omani owned company chaired by Ali Masoud Al Khashoub, built on Omani cultural heritage and commitment; our vision is to become the number one Charter air service provider in the Sultanate while remaining true to the traditions and culture of Oman and we intend to work closely with Oman Air and Salam Air to provide complimentary services that will be of benefit to the nation.”   


Culture, which is the first principal of Salalah Air, represents the heritage of the Sultanate.  Owen described how Salalah Air was inspired by the rich culture of Oman and in particular the ancient frankincense routes out of which Oman’s rich history of trade by sea and land has evolved.


 In this context, Salalah Air is envisaged first and foremost as a way of linking the people of Oman with their traditional connections. Owen went on to say, “The strong sense of belonging that is such an important part of the Omani culture will be reflected in a traditional respect for hospitality that we will extend to all travellers aboard Salalah Air, wherever they may be from or whatever the purpose of their journey.”


Commitment, the second principle of Salalah Air, is a fundamental part of the vision where the company is committed to providing new initiatives in the Oman’s tourism market. It will take into consideration Omanisation and will be dedicated to providing a high level of customer satisfaction, while placing the highest priority on passenger safety.


Omani Character is the third principle which is reflected in the brand identity which highlights the uniqueness of Salalah and the Dhofar region. The Arabian Leopard (Nimr Al Arabiya) is at the heart of the branding of the fleet and is aimed at building a service that Omani residents and tourists will engage with and enjoy.


During the meeting at the Ministry of Tourism, Owen spoke about the business model of Salalah Air, which is built on the use of a modified form of the Small Aircraft Transport System, forming a building block for the national development strategy for transport modalities and infrastructures, in particular air transport, with bases planned at Salalah, Sohar and Duqm.



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